Kilis City,Turkey

kilis turkey

Kilis, near the Turkish Syrian border en route to Gaziantep, was originally known in the Assyrian archives as Kilizi. Kilis is important for its cotton and silk weaving and also for its leather products. This most charming area is dotted with vineyards and olive groves on all sides.

Also interesting are the Canbolat Bey complex, the old baths and a center that once housed a dervish order. Several other sites worth seeing nearby include Ravanda Castle, situated between Kilis and Gaziantep. 5 km to the northeast is the town of Kuzeyne (Korus) that is like an open-air museum with its castle and mosaics.

What makes it special is that here one can view ruins from Hittite, Roman, Byzantine, and Islamic times all in one place. An ancient Roman center is found 20 km east of Kilis in the town of Korus (Kiriz). Ruins of a castle, a temple and a theatre await your visit.

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