The Ancient City of Antioch,Hatay Turkey

Antiocheia is was founded about 1 km north of Yalvac in the province of Isparta on a fertile area lying along the southern slopes of the Sultan Mountains. It was the capital city of the Pisidia and a Seleucid colony like Apollonia. It was built between 281-261 BC by Seleucus’s son Antiocheia and named “Antiocheia” in his honor.

In 25 BC with the selection of Pisidia as the site of Rome’s first and biggest military colony, the city was rebuilt by emperor Augustus. Augustus brought 3000 soldiers from Rome and settled them here in Antiocheia.

The city was given the name “Seven boroughs” and in Latin texts it is referred to as “Res Gestae.” For this reason the ancient Roman city and Antiocheia are sister cities with an important place in history.

At this time, there were inscriptions in Antiocheia of two Lefro (V-VII). In the Roman era, the city had, according to inscriptions, a population of over 100,000 people. The official language was Latin but the population at large spoke Greek. In the early part of Emperor Period of Rome the city was rebuilt according to a ordered city plan and many buildings both religious and civil were constructed.

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