kekova turkey

In sailor’s language the term ‘Roads’ refers to a sheltered anchorage where a boat can lie at anchor in safety; kekova roads is just such a place. kekova roads also denotes an area of stunning natural beauty and numerous ancient sites which combine to offer the visitor an experience of a lifetime. Magnificent submerged ruins can be seen with the naked eye but seeing them through snorkeling goggles while swimming leisurely above is even more thrilling. The coast and the islands are dotted with vestiges of ancient cities like aperlae, teimiussa, simena and cyaneae, each in its own lovely setting.

The region of kekova Roads is so attractive and with so much to see that some become addicted to it and return again and again. No Western visitor to this area would miss seeing the remains of ancient myra just to the east of kekova Roads where the church of St. nicholas stands, since it is here that the tradition of santa claus begins. The legendary anonymous generosity of nicholas, the bishop of myra in the 4th century A.D., eventually became commemorated in the giving of gifts at christmastime and St. nicholas was transformed by “market forces” into the modern santa claus.

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