Kas,Antalya Turkey

Kas ( Antiphellos ), One of the fastest expanding towns in the field of turkish tourism is kas. The town was established over the ancient city of antiphellos, which is the reason why not many ruins are extant today. The city does not go back further than the 6th century B.C. On the slope of the hill on the W is a rock tomb with Lycian inscriptions which has been well preserved. There is a frieze found inside the tomb, which belongs to the 4th century B.C., that has 21 dancing female figures.

A sarcophagus with Lycian inscriptions which is located in the middle. of town is one of the few remaining works of ancient Kas. On top of the 4th century B.C. sarcophagus is a Gothic lid and crest; from each side of the lid project two lions’ heads resting on their paws. On the rise that qualifies as the city’s acropolis, one can see fortifications on the side facing Meis Island. To the W of the acropolis in the right section of the entrance to the city stands the ancient theater overlooking the sea. The walls of this hellenistic theater, which are remarkably intact today, attract attention for the fine masonry skill utilized at the time.

There are ruins of a temple situated near the theater. Used until recently, the original purpose of the breakwater has vanished due to additions that have been made to it in later years. Today’s Kas, which has become a favorite stop for those experiencing the blue cruise, has also transformed into a touristic town with an ever- increasing number of resorts. Motorboat excursions from here out to kekova make up a beautiful experience on its own. In fact, if you are staying in Kas, you can easily reach the cities of antiquity such as myra, andriace, xanthos, patara and letoon.

Moreover, you will find Lycian cities in the surrounding region such as trysa in Golbasi. which is striking for its heroum. temple ruins and sarcophagi; sura, where the Temple of apollo and a byzantine church are found; cyaenai, in the village of yavu. where there are rock tombs with reliefs and temple rock tombs; apollonia, which is located in Kilicli over the mad that leads to kekova and isinda in belenli. However.

it is difficult to reach the majority of these, whereas we don”t have much Information on them as excavation work is not being carried out at these sites. Besides these historical places, there’s kaputas beach, which is located between kas and kalkan; nearby mavi magara. which is enticing for its phosphorescent water as well as the sparkling clean surf at choice beaches such as limanagzi, biyik cagil, kicik cagil and akcagerme, all within the town limits of kas.


Summers are hot and dry in Kas, quite typical of Mediterranean region, and the temperature can reach around 35 degrees during the day. Winters are warm during the day although can get cool at night, and can drop below 10 degrees.

By Road
Kas is accessible from Fethiye or Antalya. If coming from Ankara direction, it is much quicker to take the route through Elmali and Gombe, rather than the Antalya coastal route. There are services to Istanbul (12 hours), Antalya (4 hours), and Fethiye(2½ hours), and dolmuses make the shorter journeys to the beaches of Patara, Kalkan and Kapitas. The bus station is in the north side of town.
Bus Station Phone: (0242) 836 1020

By Air
Kas is 192 km from Antalya Airport and 160 km from Dalaman Airport.

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