Tekirdag Turkey Tourist Information Travel Guide

tekirdag turkey

On the opposite, northern shore of the Sea of Marmara, Tekirdag is an important commercial harbor. From both sides of this modem city of lovely promenades, stretch beautiful sandy beaches. A happy mixture of sunflower fields and vineyards cover the surrounding area. The most important architectural monument is the Sinan designed Rustem Pasa Mosque, built by Suleyman the Magnificent’s Grand Vizier in 1554.

The Archaeology and Ethnography Museum displays an extensive collection of artifacts from the area. The Rakoczy Museum occupies the house where the Hungarian prince, Rakoczy Ferench II (1676-1735), who fought for his people’s liberation, lived out the last years of his life. The Namik Kemal Memorial (1840-1888) honors the birthplace of the Turkish national poet.

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