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Known as “Green Bursa”, this province stands on the lower slopes of Uludag (Mount Olympos of Mysia, 2543 m). The title “Green” of Bursa comes from its gardens and parks, and of course from its being in the middle of an important fruit growing region. In Bursa there are things you should not miss. First of all you are in the homeland of the delicious “Iskender Kebap”. The candied chestnuts are a specialty and have an unforgettable taste. The peaches of Bursa are unique.

As for something to purchase; Bursa is a center of the silk trade and towel manufacturing. It is also the homeland of the very famous Turkish folklore figures, Karagoz and Hacivat. Because of its being the first Ottoman capital, Bursa is very rich in religious monuments, mosques, and turbes (tombs), baths. One of the places to be seen in Bursa is the Yesil Mosque (Green Mosque), with its carved marble doorway which is one of the best in Anatolia.

It is an elaborate and significant building in the new Turkish style. Just opposite, is the Yesil Turbe (Green Mausoleum), set in a green garden with an enchanting exterior decorated with turquoise tiles. Near the turbe, the Medresse complements the others and makes this the “green” trio, now it houses the Ethnographical Museum which certainly deserves visiting. The Yildirim Beyazit Mosque is important as it is the first one built in the new Ottoman style and is accompanied by the Emir Sultan Mosque which lies in a peaceful setting.

The province is decorated with these monuments each of which is a masterpiece. Here are the Ulu Mosque built in the Seljuk style, with impressive calligraphic wall decorations; the Orhan Gazi Mosque; the “Hisar” an attractive part of the province, and in the park the Mausoleums of Osman, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, and his son Orhan Gazi. The Muradiye Complex has a delightful view with its mosque and turbes of important characters from the Ottoman era and their tiles and charming decorations appeal to the sightseers.

The Ottoman Museum offers a lively exhibit of the traditional life style of Ottomans. Something you will enjoy in Bursa are the warm, mineral rich springs; indeed most of the hotels in this province have thermal bath facilities. The Turkish baths “hamam” are great places which should be visited in Bursa. The Eski Kaplica (Old Spring) is the oldest in the province. The Karamustafa Pasha Baths are famous, and boast the best hot, mineral waters.

As for souvenirs, you should visit the Covered Bazaar, “Bedesten”, or the Koza Hanan attractive building and also a center of silk trade. It is certain that Bursa will take some of time for you to see and add some more delightful experiences to your memories. Set among orchards watered by plentiful mountain streams, Bursa is a city of brightly coloured houses and winding streets dotted with fountains. It retains its Ottoman flavour and contains some of the outstanding examples of Ottoman architecture.

Among its mosques, Ulu Mosque (1421) is a vast building with 20 domes, noted for the variety and fineness of its calligraphic ornamentation. Yesil Mosque (1421) marked the beginning of a purely Turkish style; it includes a theological college, library, and ablution fountain. Nearby is the Yesil Mausoleum, containing the turbe of Sultan Mehmed I. The Muradiye Mosque (15th century) is surrounded by the turbes of sultans and their families.

On a terrace overlooking the city are the turbes of Osman I, founder of the Ottoman dynasty, and his son Orhan. A 15th century theological school houses the city’s archaeological museum. Bursa’s several baths, fed by thermal springs famous in Roman times, include medieval structures that incorporated material from Justinian’s imperial baths from the 6th century.

Bursa’s silk industry has a long heritage; the city was a centre of silk trade in the 15th century and by the 17th century was famous in Europe and Asia for its silk textiles, which are still produced. Other industries include cotton and woolen textiles, canned foods and dairy products, and machinery. Bursa is the site of Bursa University (1975) and is linked by air with Istanbul. It has long been a favourite tourist centre.

Major Sights Places To See Things To Do in Bursa
Kultur Park, Archaeological Museum); Tophane (Osmangazi and Orhangazi turbes, ancient Turkish houses and cafes); Muradiye (Ottoman House Museum, Muradiye Complex); Koza Square and environs (Ulu Mosque, Orhan Mosque, Covered Bazaar, Old Inns (Yesil Mausoleum and Mosque, Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum), Thermal Baths, Karagoz Monument, Cekirge (Ataturk Pavilion,

Tours and Excursions in Bursa
Uludag (Mount Olympos). Picnics in summer, skiing in winter. Mudanya, Gemlik, Kumla. Iznik (Nicaea). Iznik Lake, Ayasofya Church, Underground burial rooms, City walls, Ancient theatre, Archaeological Museum and Caravanserai.

Air : Bursa Airport, 3 km from the city centre.
Road : Accessible from all parts of Turkey

Bursa province is divided into 19 districts: Buyukorhan, Gemlik, Gursu, Harmancik, Inegol, Iznik, Karacabey, Keles, Kestel, Mudanya, Guzelyali, Zeytinbagi (Trilye), Mustafakemalpasa, Nilufer, Orhaneli, Orhangazi, Osmangazi, Yenisehir, Yildirim

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