Igdir City,Turkey

igdir turkey

The city of Igdir in the samenamed province stands on a large, fertile plain where fruit and, unusual for this geographical region, cotton grow. The Bible relates that when the flood waters receded, Noah and his family descended from Mt. Agri (Ararat) toward the fertile plain. From here, their progeny most likely settled to the south and west along the Firat (Euphrates) and Dicle (Tigris) rivers, establishing the second generation of mankind. From this plain, you have the best view of Mount Agri.

Monuments to visit near the city include Uranian rock monuments, a 13th century Seljuk caravanserai and the Karakale (Black Castle). In Karakoyun Village, on the road between Igdir and Aralik, stop at the impressive 15th century cemeteries with Karakoyun (ram and ewe) monumental tombstones.

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