Ordu City,Turkey

ordu city turkey

City and port, northern Turkey, on the Black Sea. It lies at the mouth of the Melet River on the eastern slopes of Boztepe (1,800 feet [550 m]), which protects it against storms from the northwest. Ordu is now a centre for hazelnut processing and exporting, fishing, and timber exporting. The city is on the Samsun – Trabzon coastal road about 100 miles (160 km) west of Trabzon. The area in which Ordu is situated is rugged, well – forested, and humid.

The fertile coastal strip supports a variety of agricultural products, including corn (maize) and hazelnuts. Livestock is raised and grain is grown in the deep valleys of the interior. In this region of Turkey’s famous Hazelnut production centers around Ordu and every September the town hosts the Golden Hazelnut Festival. Be sure to sample the delicious chocolate nut candy.

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