Gumushane City,Turkey

gumushane turkey

Gumushane is a city whicy is on the historical Silk Road Between China and Trabzon. It combines the history with nature and the legend with reality. Due to the rich silver mines,it was called Gumushane (meaning house of silver). It had been a settlement for ancient times and constituted a mosaic of ethnic groups. Gumushane was established in BC 3000. Gumushane is surrounded by Bayburt on the east, Trabzon on the North, Giresun on the west and Erzincan on the south. It is founded in the inner area of East Black Sea Region and 100 km far away from the sea. The the city center is 1153m high from sea level and settled along the Harsit Cayi (Harsit River).

The total area of Gumushane is 6437 km2 and consist of six districts. It is a very rich city in many kinds of valuable mines especially silver and gold. Gumushane has a great intact touristic potential with its caves, plateaus, waterfalls, ancient cities, flora and fauna. Gumushane, on the ancient trade route between Trabzon and Iran, was once of considerable importance. Many elegant buildings from that period still remain. Set amid fruit groves and wild roses,the town makes a natural stopping point between Trabzon and Erzurum. Take the opportunity to try the local rose hip syrup and marmalade.

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