Blue Lagoon,Oludeniz,Turkey

The most wellknown and most beautiful beach of Fethiye is the fantastic Blue Lagoon, bay (Oludeniz). Attendance of Oludeniz is Worthwhile itself, even if the beach is for a long time not so lonely, as the advertisement posters promise it. During the day one can enjoy the beach life. Either one lies simply only in the sun or one drives itself out with various sport possibilities the time.

One can drive for example jet ski or water ski as well as look at oneself with the Paragliden the bay from Fethiye from the bird perspective. At noon one can strengthen oneself in one of the numerous restaurants on the strandpromenade also a few Snacks. Bay of Blue Lagoon , Fethiye Much to recommend also the boat trips are along the beautiful coast. One can into sun hits a corner lies, anchors in the most beautiful bays and can with snorkels or dipping the underwater world explore there.

In addition, the coastal landscape, which one passes, is extremely worth seeing. Occasionally there is meals on board, usually a warm lunch and somewhat a fresh fruit. One knows beeches these trips either with the tour operators in the Hotel or directly in the Port. Also trips into the environment are worthwhile themselves. Explore the bay and the beautiful Blue Lagoon, where the calm, crystal clear water is ideal for swimming and other water sports.

The Blue Lagoon is one of the best places in the world to do absolutely nothing except soak up the sun amid stunning natural surroundings. At Mt. Baba (1,969 m), you can paraglide into the Blue Lagoon. South of Kidirak beach, Kötürümsü Bay is reachable only by boat. Beyond the idyllic beach, a forest, waterfalls and a valley filled with hundreds of varieties of butterflies await the Explorer.

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