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Bodrum is Located on a splendid Peninsula on the bay of the Aegean coast of Turkey in the northwest of the Gulf of Gokova bay and less than 4 hours drive from the south of Izmir city. Bodrum counts approximately 30,000 inhabitants, who get about 500,000 tourists concerning itself in the High Season, and is also very popular Place in the Turkish Tourism. Bodrum is easily accessed by air, Flights to Bodrum are available from the most Europian airports, and quite often by the sea lines from the Greek islands by ferry.

The main natural harbour of Bodrum with its breakwater, has been an important coastal port for the seafaring people of the Mediterranean and Aegean since 350BC. The harbour now operates as a port of entry to the country under the auspices of Bodrum Municipality Port Facilities Management. Walking along the main harbour, observe the breakwater where the ferries anchor. The Underwater Museum of Archaeology is located on the left in the Castle. This vibrant town centre offers the spirit of the Peninsula with its cafes, fish Restaurants and shops. In short, it is the right area in town for a go it alone traveller to discover the 24 hour attractions of Bodrum.

The harbour area is a busy hub with fishing boats nestled in sheltered corners amongst the locally built Wooden Gulets of all sizes, some offering state of the art facilities and the smaller day trips. On the eastern side of the Castle there is the Halikarnas Jetty where all the Dive Boats are located this summer in addition to yet more charter boats for the Blue Cruise and daily tours. On an international level there are approximately 200,000 people coming into the port of Bodrum throughout the season. Most will come in via the Daily Ferry service from ships operating in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Many cruise ships are expected to arrive in Bodrum this year. In high season 3,000 people a day will Travel through the Port and there are also ferries to Marmaris, Datca and Rhodes at this time. They plan for the future as they try to keep pace with the continuing development in tourism and construction on the peninsula, for the benefit of both local and international interests.

Main events in Bodrum
September: Bodrum Art and Culture Week.
October: Bodrum’s Cup (Gulet yacht races).

Major Sights Places To See Things To Do in Bodrum
Castle of St. Peter, Seeing the Underwater Archaeology Museum (inside castle), Mausoleum, Amphitheatre, nearby beaches and villages, Going to the Tuesday Bazaar, Joining one of the daily tours, Stopping by Bodrum Bars,

Tours and Excursions in Bodrum
Blue Voyage Cruise (2,3 or 7 days), Boat trip to Karaada (the Black Island), Excursions to the nearby beaches and fishing villages, Boat trip to Greek Islands of Kos, Rhodes, Kalimnos and Symi

Access Bodrum By Air: The Milas Bodrum Airport is 30 km, away from the city center. Transportation is provided by Turkish Airlines, Taxis, minibuses (on the main road) or private Airport transfer companies.

Bodrum Airport Phone: + 9(0252) 523 01 01

Access Bodrum By Road: Direct bus connections from the all main cities. The transport service is available to Bodrum from all over the Turkey through the buses. Bus terminal is located in the city center.
Bus Station Phone: + 9(0252) 316 26 37

Access Bodrum By the Sea: Port of call for Mediterranean cruises, There are regular ferryboat services to the Greek islands of Cos and Rhodes. There are also connections to Knidos, Didim and Dalyan (hiring private gulets only). The ferryboats and sea – buses all leave from the main harbor.
Bodrum Ferryboat Agency Phone: + 9(0252) 316 08 82

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