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Located 100 km from north of Izmir in the Bakircay river basin, Bergama is one of the Turkey’s oldest civilized settlements which, has been inhabited from pre historic times through the Ionic, Roman and Byzantine civilizations. It has yielded archeological treasures of which importance is recognized world wide. To the southwest of Bergama, Asclepion, an important health center of the ancient world, the acropolis founded on top of a steep hill (300 m) and the Temple of Serapis (Kizil Avlu) make this area a fascinating stop for history loving tourists. The Altar of Zeus was smuggled to Germany in 1897.

The modern day name, comes directly from its ancient name, Pergamum. Known for centuries for its monuments, it was a great city and served as the centre of Pergamum kingdom. Its location made it strategic in the Middle Ages and was the centre of the Karesiogullari Principality before it finally became a part of the Ottoman State. The city’s golden era was during the reign of Attalos I and his son Eumenes II, the time when an acropolis, theatre and other important projects were completed.

It was an important city in the Roman period. The city experienced many developments during the reign of Hadrian (117-138 AD), and it was adorned with Roman works of art. In the Byzantine era after the spread of Christianity, Bergama was first under the influence of the bishopric of Ephesus, and then became a metropolis.

The Mediterranean Climate dominates the region. Summers are hot and dry while winters are mild and rainy.

By Road
The main bus station is at the south end of the town centre, although many buses coming from other cities will drop passengers off, on the edge of town. There are regular services from Ayvalik (45 mins) and Izmir (2 hours), and one or two daily to Afyon (7 hours), Ankara (11 hours) and Istanbul (10 hours).
Bus Station Phone: + 90 232 633 15 19.

By Train
The nearest station is at Soma, 45km away, which is on the main line between Izmir and Bandirma.

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