The ancient city Aphrodisias Turkey

aphrodisias turkey

On the Izmir Antalya road, Aphrodisias (Geyre) was an important centre for culture and art famous for its training in sculpture. This remarkable, ancient Roman city was dedicated to Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Located near the village of Geyre, the ruins merit at least half a day of exploration. See the old walls, theater and stadium (it once held upward of 30,000 people) and be sure to visit the museum, which contains several interesting sculptures found at the site.

The public buildings are handsomely adorned with marble that was carved with astonishing skill, producing remarkable temples, monuments, baths, a theatre and a magnificent stadium. The reputation of the city’s craftsmen for the exquisite finesse of their statuary and marble sculpting spread through the civilised world, and Aphrodisias became the center of the greatest sculpting school of antiquity. Many of its marvellous works of art are now housed in the local museum. The theatre and bouleuterion are among the city’s best-preserved ruins.

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