Is it Better to Travel Independently or go to Turkey as a part of a group Tour?

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The best way to see and experience Turkey depends on one’s knowledge, experience, and personal preferences. Touring is a safe way to experience new cultures and to see new places with peace of mind. However, some travelers may prefer to visit sites independently without the confines of schedules and timetables. Group tours are organized through tour operators.

There are many tour operators in the U.S. that specialize in trips to Turkey. These can be found in Turkey: The Travel Directory. Most group tours are all-inclusive. This means that transportation (air and ground), hotels, some meals, and a guide are usually provided for a flat-fee. Guided tours are highly recommended for those with an interest in history and culture, since tour guides can enhance the traveler’s experience by sharing their in-depth knowledge of the places visited.

Those who wish to travel independently can make travel arrangements in advance through a tour operator. Many tour operators will design customized individual itineraries in which air transportation, hotel and car rental reservations and other services are privately arranged to match the specifications of the client. Some tour operators offer fly/drive packages as well, in which airfare and rental car services are provided as a package.
Travelers can also make their own hotel and rental car reservations, use the services of local travel agencies in Turkey. These agencies can arrange car and driver mini tours, which are very popular in many areas, including Istanbul, Ephesus, Antalya and Cappadocia.

Turkey is a country of diverse scenery, climate and historical monuments, so travelers are sometimes overwhelmed by the number of places to visit.

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