Those Who Want to Work In Turkey


Foreigners who want to reside for a long time or be employed in Turkey are supposed to apply to our foreign representatives and require a due visa for longer stays or employment.Those who apply for employment are to submit the copy of the written permission on their application. The required document enabling the residance of foreigners is “Residence Permit For Foreigners”. In relation to the document taken from the Provincial Security Directorate, Division of Foreigners, detailed information will be acquired from the Police Headquarter of the province of residence.

Application Address: Icisleri Bakanligi Emniyet Genel Mudurlugu Yabancilar Daire Baskanligi Ilkadim Caddesi No:89 Dikmen – ANKARA

Residence and Work Permission Office Phone: + 90 312 412 32 32
Visa Information Office Phone: + 90 312 412 32 36
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